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  DISCOVER a space for self discovery and connection with our own highest potential. The Green Bough creates opportunities to gather with like-minded friends, and experience unique events, classes, workshops, movies, and more.

When we feel fully alive, we are in the creative flow
of new peak experiences in life!

  EXPLORE more of who you are through art, music, inspiring films, conscious discussions, yoga, qi gong, meditation, study groups, adventures in healthy living and more, all aimed at helping you enhance your quality of life.

When we feel fully alive, each adventure is an invitation to learn new aspects of our true potential!

Programs that Renew the Body, Warm the Heart and Enliven the Soul. 
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First LOVE All, then UNDERSTAND why all things must CHANGE, with INTENT, KINDNESS and ENTHUSIASM, realizing that we are always on a QUEST for

Life shows us that EVERYTHING around us is part of a COMPLETE and PERFECT CIRCLE of LIVING and REBIRTH, in LOVE of all that is Sacred, in amazement of each NEW MEANING we uncover.

Let us live fully in this Moment in Time, and witness the transformational changes we have already created, for we have always known it deep in our Soul.
is the Moment for Miracles. Say YES to them!

Plow & Hearth

Let us remember that the Earth is a Place of Awesome Abundance --it only asks us to be Fully Present to Listen to Her and to Act with Love.   Let us renew our resolve for a Collective Commitment to mutually enhance our Human-Earth Relationship.

YOGA Programs! [Details]

Check this spot soon to find out what Amber, Giovanna and David are up to these days!

Also, while we are no longer hosting Yoga classes, we will be recommending Yoga Studios in the area. Stay tuned right here!

Transmission Meditation

FREE Group Meditation Circle

Join us to practice Transmission Meditation, a potent group meditation method.  Learn about practicing meditation in a group setting with a focus on serving your community and the world. 
A new group is now forming in the Monroeville area. Join us!  [Details]






The I.T.P. KATA - Practice a gentle restorative blend of mind-body movements (from qigong, yoga, restorative and relaxation exercises).  A new group will be forming in the Monroeville area.  Join us! [Details]

Read: The Physical Benefits of Breathing Properly
(a great article written by Dave Krajovic).

D E E K S H A - AAH!!

Deeksha is better than ever!
Join area Deeksha-givers Mohana, A.T. Alane, Jamuna, Siva, and Nicholas, in a unique celebration of healing, chanting, meditation, and enlightenment. Includes special PUJA celebration to assist us in all aspects of our lives (health, wealth, knowledge, spiritual growth)

  [2009 Schedule and Details]

Who I Really Am... a meditation, a celebration
From Spiritual Symphony


This book has been 13.7 Billion years
in the making...

The debate between Science and Religion is officially OVER!

It's time to end a debate that is getting us nowhere.
Never has it been more important for humanity to get right with Reality, and never has the need been more urgent to reconcile science and religion, and religions with each other.

The perspectives and practices in this book offer real hope for co-creating a just and thriving future for all life on Earth.

Thank you for helping to make it a bestseller!
Order HERE!

Let us Remember to Remember the Source of all Life, of all Peace, of all Love... in Oneness.
And let us Learn to Learn the Path that leads us to it... in Oneness.



Spiritual Cinema Circle, Inc


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Let the 2012 Conversations Continue!
DVD now available for order ($19.95)!

What does Ervin Laszlo say about 2012?  Watch a 1 minute video HERE.

Illusion and Reality 2012:  Watch these powerful awakening videos... Part 1  &   Part 2

...and what was 08/08/08 about?
Find out HERE!


by Marie taBonne

A collection of original oil paintings resulting from her near-death experience. Selected print reproductions, and her book are available for purchase.

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S P E C I A L      P R O M O T I O N
 The Shift Movie
A project by
Stephen Dinan and the good people at The Shift Network.
Dear friends,

Let's make a movie that can change the world!  Check out the following trailer for The Shift Movie and if you're as inspired as we were by its message of hope and awakening, then pass it along to your friends today and help it spread like wildfire.

The Shift Movie trailer

The Green Bough is donating to the making of this movie and telling everyone we know about the project. For direct inquiries about the project, email them at:  We will announce to our friends when the movie comes out. Let's all come together to spread the word and show the world the awesome power of grassroots marketing to help make any worthwhile cause huge success.  We invite you to join us in doing just that!

The world needs a wake-up call and this movie can deliver. Let's make it happen!



Are you inspired by Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth? Then you'll love the enlightening and inspiring entertainment from Spiritual Cinema Circle.
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Explore Spiritual Cinema CircleSPIRITUAL CINEMA CIRCLE... Movies that Speak to the Soul!  Visit our Inspiring Movies page and read about the great movies we have been able to bring to the area!  Come for the movies, and stay for the discussions!!
Earth Cinema Circle


Raising Sustainability Consciousness

Helping Everyone take Great Care of our Planet too!

Look for the RECYCLE [] logo next to our events and get discounts off the admission price when you pitch it. Bring us your used stuff and we'll take it to the recycling centers.

Watch the Video that EVERYONE is talking about! Click image above and get involved

Why Recycle?  Check out these facts!!
Recycle Your Used Laser Toners, Ink Jet Cartridges and Cell Phones with US!!


We all need to understand and pay attention to what is the REAL meaning of the current financial crisis.  What does it mean?  How did we get here?  Why is it that this crisis is so revealing of our own human nature, our collective moral and spiritual development (or lack of it)?  View this FREE movie and be enlightened.

Money As Debt... find out now! 

A proposal to unite the entire nation!
Here is a proposal to unite the entire nation in constructive action to address the current economic downturn. It offers a strategy that is neither left nor right nor compromise. We can rapidly and sustainably grow the economic pie rather than having to fight over the distribution of limited financial resources. This innovative approach requires no new taxes from anyone… yet no waiting for resources to trickle down! Watch a 10 minute VIDEO Now!

Thanks to everyone who came to CMU to the

You are helping us create a shared sense for a more socially responsible business community in the region!  Stay tuned for more activities and please find ways to get involved! 
Check out our new SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS page (a work in progress), as well as our PEACE GARDEN page (an experiment on urban farming in Irwin)!

Take our Survey and let us know how you want us to build a LOCAL LIVING ECONOMY in the region!

Stay tuned for exciting news about developing strong and healthy communities supported by conscious businesses and sustainability advocates who are committed to a local living economy in our region, based on the successful model of BALLE (

Let us know if you can help with the organizing and/or the sponsorship of local economy activities.
Help us build a HEALTHY and GREEN Local Economy in Pittsburgh!

SPECIAL PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Report featuring Green Initiatives in Pittsburgh!
(May 12, 2008)

  Listen to the Report
 (Real Audio)
  Watch the Report
 (Streaming Video)

Green Industry Hub Rises From Rust Belt Ruins - Paul Solman reports on innovators who are making the Pittsburgh region an eco-showcase of the benefits of going green and bringing new hope to the economically depressed Rust Belt region...
(Click HERE read the complete transcript)

You can reach us by email. You can also find out online what else is going on in the region on Holistic Pittsburgh, the web portal for all things holistic in Southwestern PA.

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